We created Benevento in order to solve a simple problem: men's trousers usually don't fit well. The trousers are either too tight, or too baggy. We have worked for many years on our trousers pattern, and thus created men's trousers, which are probably the best trousers available on the market. We managed to create a model of trousers, which fits men of different builds very well. Out main advantage is that we have the men's trousers for all - from skinny to chubby and from short to tall.

1. Benevento is a better appearance and comfort

Benevento presents trousers designed to look better. We have eliminated a too low, slacky crotch, which has been a men's trousers scourge for years. From now on, women will look at your shapely buttocks instead of telling you to pull your trousers up! We don't make no super slim pencil trousers, that even your arm won't fit into!

2. Benevento is a non-standard approach  

Who said that "clothes don't make the man"?  We believe that it is clothes that define the man. Do you remember the old saying "fine feathers make fine birds"? In Benevento we know what clothes are for a man and how they define him. It is also true, that a man feels better wearing neat, nice clothes. But this is not enough, so Benevento goes a step ahead by introducing more colour and interesting details into men's wardrobes. Patterned and contrasting-colours linings add charm and will surprise you.. or someone who wants to take those trousers off you!

3. Benevento is quality:

 We look for and import fabrics and trims from selected European producers, and of course we haven't forgotten about our domestic manufacturers as well. We do not use cheap labour from beyond the Great Wall, or other distant lands. Our collections are made by master tailors and their brave apprentices right in the middle of Europe, in Poland. We personally ensure the production excellence, in order to make sure that our client gets the best trousers he has ever had.

4. Benevento is risk-free online shopping:

All our products are delivered free of charge countrywide and we accept products for return up to 365 days!  And on top of that we provide the best customer service ever. Our online store makes buying Benevento clothing not only risk-free but also easy as pie.

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